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Customized Career Longevity Workshops For Your Spa Team

“In all my years as a Spa Director, Eric’s workshop was absolutely the best of them all. Six months later, I still have therapists thanking me for bringing him to Miraval Tucson.”


-Heidi Smith Mullen, Spa Director - Miraval

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Why invest in a career longevity workshop?

On average, 70% of spa revenue comes from massage.

The average therapist completes 5-7 treatments per day, bringing in an average of $1,000-$1,500

per day.

When a therapist calls out due to any reason, it results in a loss of revenue of the same amount.

 A full-time massage therapist brings in an average of $225,000 in top line spa revenue annually.

A single workman compensation claim for a massage therapist can often cost tens of thousands of dollars.

According to the most recent statistics, 40% massage therapists leave the profession within the first two years of practice, with physical burnout being the number one reason. 

“With 70% of spa revenue coming from massage services, massage therapists are a spas greatest resource. My CE workshops invest in your most valuable resource to inspire them, teach them invaluable tools to help extend their career and help them avoid injury and costly workman compensations claims.”

Eric Stephenson
President, imassage, Inc. 


Career Longevity for Practitioners

With current research showing over 40% of therapists leave the profession within the first two years, our goal is to focus on career-extending strategies throughout all our workshops using methodologies such as:

  • Self-care

  • Body Mechanics

  • Ergonomics

  • and our signature "No Thumbs" Deep Tissue Techniques

The intention behind our approach is to teach therapists how to provide Deep Tissue Massage which will not harm the guest or the therapist.

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Attend a Workshop

See the 2023 public workshop schedule to find out if imassage, Inc. and Eric Stephensen are coming to an area near you.


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